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Room Alert (36)

Common FAQs
How To Configure A Switch Sensor's 'Alarm On' Setting In Room Alert
Switch sensor 'Alarm On' states are set to 'Closed' by default in your Room Alert web interface. To change the 'Alarm On' setting for your switch sensor to 'Open,' follow...
Number of views: 2110
How To Configure A Windows Or Windows Server System As A Network Time Server (NTP)
If you can't allow Room Alert to access a time server through the Internet, and you don't have one available on your network, you may configure a system running Windows (XP...
Number of views: 1719
How To Configure External Modems in Device ManageR
Before you attempt to configure your dial-out or GSM modem in Device ManageR, please download and install the following plugins from your account at : -...
Number of views: 10154
How To Convert Between Celsius And Fahrenheit
[F = Fahrenheit, C = Celsius] To Convert Celsius To Fahrenheit F = 1.8C + 32 To Convert Fahrenheit To Celsius C = F – 32...
Number of views: 7420
How To Disable SNMP Trap Receiving On Room Alert 4E
The Room Alert 4E is the only device in our product line that can receive SNMP traps from other network devices (i.e. printers, fax machines, etc.) If this is not a feature...
Number of views: 3704
How To Discover AVTECH Devices With Device ManageR
You may discover your Room Alert or TemPageR monitors using either AVTECH's Device ManageR software or AVTECH's Device Discovery utility. Device ManageR can additionally...
Number of views: 2552
How to Download Firmware & Software from
For access to downloads for your AVTECH products - including firmware, software and SNMP MIB files - log in to your account at , AVTECH's device...
Number of views: 1178
How To Enable Heat Index In Room Alert
The heat index represents how hot it actually feels by combining the current temperature and relative humidity. In hot conditions, the human body regulates its...
Number of views: 1898
How To Extend Digital Sensor Cables
By design, external digital sensor cables are 25 feet in length and can be extended up to a supported100 feet in total length. To extend the sensor cable, you...
Number of views: 8521
How To Position The WiSH Sensor: Best Practices
The Wireless Sensor Hub (WiSH) is a wireless hub that is used exclusively to transmit sensor data from internal and connected sensors back to the Room Alert 26W hardware...
Number of views: 1549
How To Request Access To A GoToMyDevices Subscription & Approve New Users
After you register for and log in for the first time, you may request access to a subscription so that you may see your (or another) organization's Room...
Number of views: 199
How To Reset Room Alert To Factory Defaults
You may reset Room Alert to factory defaults in 3 ways: - Through Room Alert's web interface - With the physical reset button on the Room Alert unit - Through Room...
Number of views: 3110
How To Set Up Email In Room Alert
In order to send alerts based on the thresholds you configure in the Room Alert web interface, you must set up SMTP email. Step 1: Navigate to the Email Settings...
Number of views: 11216
How To Synch Room Alert To A Time Server
By default, Room Alert obtains the time and date from an Internet NTP time server at IP address If you wish, you may configure your Room Alert to obtain...
Number of views: 12935
What Open & Closed States Mean In AVTECH Switch Sensors
The list below shows the conditions that correspond to OPEN and CLOSED for each of AVTECH's switch sensors. Air Flow 1 Sensor (NC)    ...
Number of views: 2235
Where To Find The MAC Address Of A Room Alert
A MAC address is a 12-character alphanumeric ID, typically divided into 6 sets of 2 characters, as shown below: 1A-2B-3C-4D-5E-6F You may need the MAC address of your...
Number of views: 2616

Most Viewed FAQs
How To Enable TFTP In Windows (Versions Vista And Above)
In certain cases, Technical Support may direct you to upload files to your AVTECH device using TFTP (trivial file transfer protocol).  The TFTP client is disabled by...
How To Update Firmware On AVTECH Devices
You may update the firmware on your Room Alert or TemPageR using AVTECH's Device Discovery utility or Device ManageR software. Before you begin, download the most...
How To Access The Settings Screen On Room Alert
The Settings screen of Room Alert and TemPageR is password protected to prevent unauthorized users from modifying the settings. By default, there is no user name and...
How To Test A GSM Modem Manually
Manually Testing A GSM Modem To test a GSM modem first connect the modem to the host system of Device ManageR using the documentation provided with the corresponding...
How To Adjust The Temperature Reading On Room Alert
The internal temperature sensor measures the ambient air temperature inside the Room Alert, TemPageR or Wireless Sensor Hub (WiSH). Under normal operating conditions, the...
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